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Welcome to the Nordic Retail Agency. Some interesting facts about the Nordic region: The Nordics does only have a total population of 25 million people, and geographically the area is much bigger than Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. But the region is still a very well performing territory - and is for many vendors seen as one of the most important territories in EU. According to the a known analyze company; the Nordic region had a higher growth rate on Consumer Electronics and Gaming in 2018 - compared to rest of EU. Interesting right?

Welcome to PlayMate Gaming

22 feb 2019

Welcome to our new partner: Play M8 Gaming. More info to be announced soon......

Sales & Business Development

5 jul 2018

Want to establish or build your brand in the Nordic region? We build your...


5 jul 2018

Looking for help in the Nordic Region in running your marketing or wants to...

Want to establish or build your brand in the Nordic region? We build your brand, though existing retail and onliners, through digital marketing combined with awesome corporation with existing communities and influencers.

Check our one of new clients:

Great sales and marketing entreprenuers, who has a background from Microsoft, Apple and RAZER. Experts in business development and strategic leadership for defining the commercial path to growth and profitability of the business

* P&L Responsibility
* Generate and achieve monthly territory forecasts and accurately predict monthly revenues
* Communicate from product line objectives to deploy product strategies within Nordic and EMEA channels
* Manages product line Gross Profit
* Collect & analyze market and competitive feedbacks
* Stock, Price, Product, Distribution, Investment, Promotion, Event Management, Channel ROI management
* Develop and implement the marketing strategy and marketing plan
* Define and create competitive analyzes for the Nordic region / EMEA
*…and much more

We have passion for business, passion for building brands, passion to “be the best” in the market – this is what drives us on a daily basis. We have experience in creating and building brands in different markets. We know the Nordic and European market, and know the mechanisms which drives the business and can translate it to winning concept for your business.

Stay true to the concept in having the best and most agressive price-strategy compared to the gaming-chair market.  For a distributor / Reseller point of view: Meaning, that X continously have a pricepoint lower than the competition for a chair with same specs – and with an even better margin for the selected reseller.

We want to be the preffered partner in gaming furnitures in our home-territory and we want to fight the competition in driving the best marketing ever – when it comes to branding and products. 

Stick to our core values about our thinkings on beeing first in the market with new features and work hard in beeing more precisie in our messaging in the digital marketing. 

Our vision is to build a brand within Gaming Furniture. Our motto is: “The perfect Gaming setup”. We want to build, design and create the best gaming desks, shelves, lightning, mats, apparels to the gamers around.

Our vision is to distribute the portfolio to the Nordic and EMEA regions. Further we want to establish a B2C website platform. 

Marketing; we will create much content, hype through SoMe, LinkedIn and AdWord campaigns around in the regions. Main focus – will be the Nordic Region – for a start.

Coorporate as much as possible with 3parties and networks.

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