Are you already doing business in the nordics, but are strugling in reaching the targets, the expected revenue – and is afraid of losing your shelve-space and commitment in retail stores? The Direct Business Model from Nordic Retail – is your safety.

The Nordics have always been a difficult marketplace for some European brands, due to high VAT and “margin hungry” distributors.

With the globalization of large ecommerce sites in EMEA, its time for new and existing brands to re-consider their strategy to make your product, margin and brand still attractive for your current and new resellers.

The new concept Nordic Retail is offering – is a Direct Business model in the Nordic Region.

Nordic Retail is introducing a new thinking and business model, that reduces the big margin split in the price waterfall. 

Below example: is how many brands today is acting in the retail and ecommerce. 

Challenge is to keep the nordic SRP pricing aligned with European SRP – when there is a 25% VAT and a distributor which often requires 20-25% in margin to sell and distribute your products.

Thats where we make the difference:

The advantage of the Direct Business Model

The Retail and Ecommerce diffference....

Direct Business Model.

The difference in SRP Price

Better SRP

Or.. the difference in Margin for the retailer

Better Retail Margin


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